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06/22/2014 Greetings all. First off, I hope everyone has been doing well. Having been missing for 3 months, I know ther are lots of questions to be answered. Like whats up with Capt. Bryan? well heres the story.

WHAT'S UP? Here is the Story: My Life changed drastically on February 20 2014 when I was informed that my Dad had suddenly passed away and since then Life has been far from "life as usual." With Neither of my folks around around any more I could see the overwhelming amount of Estate work ahead of me. So I made the decision to put my life and business on hold in order to get my personal life back in order and adjust to the "New" normal. So now 4 months later I see the light at the end of the tunnel and should be tying up loose ends by the end of July.

My life pattern Karma: As most of you know last year, consumed my Hurricane Repairs I Lost my (iowafortune.com) website domain name to some seedy Japan business who bought it out from under me. Well I fortunately for the past year have been quietly monitoring my old site just waiting for an opportunity to seize it back.....and as KARMA has it, the owner MISSED his renewal date and immediately upon his experation.....I SWOOPED in and bought my old name back again. SO THE NEWS IS IOWAFORTUNE.COM is NOW BACK in the hands of its rightful owner. The format is the same as the old (reports, videos...) I will be spending the next couple of weeks getting it up to date. Please forward this information along to others of angling interest....

As for the Fishing. Here's the skinny. The next few weeks will be spent getting the Maverick and SeaCraft tuned up and running tight for the season. I am taking the remainder of my July, August, and September "off" to decompress. and do some "soul" fishing offshore and in the back country before the Striper action begins in the fall. So I am beginning to book Guided trips starting again October 1st, for the Fall Run. Until then I will be sending my regular updates and reports from both offshore and back country and updating the web site. I look forward to seeing you all again this season.

My apologies on any missed or delayed emails. If you have attempted to contact me and have not heard back please re-send. Hope to hear from you soon.


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